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Are you looking for licensed builders to get your dream home constructed? If yes, your search ends here at Xcell Homes. We are a trusted residential construction company specializing in multi-unit structures, new buildings, and custom homes in Wantirna. Using best-in-class materials and modern equipment, we design and construct homes that fits your needs perfectly and tends to stay in shape for decades to come.

If your current home isn’t large enough to meet your space requirements, our home builders in Wantirna can knockdown the existing structure and rebuild it to look just like new. With a team of architects, designers, and builders at our disposal, we have the experience and equipment to accommodate your new home building needs.

home builder in Wantirna
multi unit development builders wantirna

What We Specialize In?

We design and build dream homes that surpass your expectations. Our multi-unit builders in Wantirna provide a myriad of design and construction services to match your vision. Our expertise includes:

Custom Houses
Gone are those days when you would ask around to pick the right contractor for your dream construction project. Xcell Homes Construction is the right choice for getting your house made on your terms, exactly how you dreamt.
Multi Unit Development
The phenomenon of developing more than one dwelling on a single lot also called a multi-development property project has become so much easier with Xcell Homes. Apartment, Duplex, Township etc. comes under Multi unit development
Knockdown and Rebuild
If you’ve started to think that your current home no longer suits your needs and that the time has come for you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of, you don’t have to settle for less or make compromises that are inherent with renovating. Make your new home dream a reality with the help of the Knockdown & Rebuild Team at Xcell Homes.
House and Land
The crucial aspect of building your dream home is to buy the right land. Xsell Homes will let you get the hottest property in town. Similarly we will find you the house you are looking for. The award winning team of Xsell Homes will provide the best options for you to choose.

Why Choose Us?

Xcell Homes is your local and trusted builder in Wantirna passionate about building dream homes that looks stunning inside out. Whatsoever be your project size, we know how to complete it in a given timeline without exceeding your budget.

When you choose us as your construction partner, you can rest assured as the work will be undertaken by one of the finest building teams in the industry. Before starting with the project, we provide free service estimates to give you a brief overview of the costs included from the start to the finish.

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