How Much Is Knock Down Rebuild Cost In Melbourne?

How Much Is Knock Down Rebuild Cost In Melbourne

Knock Down Rebuild

Love your house yet feel the urge to update it? Renovating your property by demolishing it and starting over is a fantastic alternative. Knocking down and rebuilding in Melbourne is typically more affordable than buying a new house in Melbourne. You can realize your dream of a new house by understanding the knockdown and rebuild process.

How Much Can It Cost To Knock Down And Rebuild?

The price to knock down your existing house and create a new one can vary substantially depending on your specific needs.

In Melbourne, the price to demolish a house typically ranges from $12,000 to $40,000, with an average cost of around $16,000. It’s better to get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs and see if we may be of assistance.

Here are the three steps taken by builders to knock down your old house and create a new one:

Knock Down And Rebuild Design And Architecture

The most crucial stage is to find a builder who can design according to your budget and wish list. The best option is to hire a more seasoned builder who can alter a floor design to meet your needs.

Many house builders frequently impose restrictions on changing their floor plans, which might limit your ability to take advantage of the design features of your house and take away the unique connection you have grown to appreciate with your current house.

Therefore, finding a builder who can design your house per your needs is advisable.

To get the best design and guidance related to the cost to knock down your old house and rebuild, speak with one of our design experts.


The size of your existing house, the amount of vegetation that has to be cut down, and whether or not toxic and dangerous materials like asbestos need to be removed all affect how much demolition will cost.

We advise you to get a quote from us to get a precise idea of the costs involved.


A complete contract with costs will be provided to you before you start building. Make sure all design decisions and specifications are finalized before signing your agreement. Once construction is underway, changes to the design or modifications to the agreed specifications can be expensive and cause a delay in the construction time frame.

The time it takes to build your house will ultimately depend on how complicated it is. A complex single-storey building usually takes 10 months to finish, and a two-storey house might take up to a year.

Book your one-on-one knock down and rebuild consultation with one of our specialists at Xcell Homes.

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