Knock Down Rebuild Specialist in Melbourne

Knockdown and Rebuild Service in Melbourne

We specialise in knock down and rebuild solutions in Melbourne, to keep you enjoying the community and surroundings that you love.

Our service includes assessing your site to fit the perfect home for your personal lifestyle, along with arranging any demolition and permit requirements. This is all completed by our own experienced in-house team, so you can enjoy your new home sooner in the location that’s perfect for you.

Our expert team can guide you every step of the way, so you can visualise the perfect home in the perfect location that suits your lifestyle. Whether you have a home design that you love, or are interested in different options to suit the size and orientation of your site, we can ensure your site is utilised to its full advantage.

Xcell Homes is your trusted choice when it comes to helping homeowners in renovating their properties with quality building solutions and durable materials. Our contractors are well versed in overseeing the design and construction phase of knockdown rebuild homes in Melbourne with accuracy and attention to detail.

Your Site, Your Way

We know that finding the perfect place to live is just as important as living in the perfect home.

Your site may be large, small, flat or sloped, but with our expert team, we can ensure your knockdown rebuild project suits both your site and your expectations. Our team will fully analyse the size and scope of your site and find the best design solutions to meet your lifestyle and budget.

Advantages of Knocking Down and Rebuilding

The advantages to knock down and rebuild builders are many, with one main advantage being that it can often be a more cost effective option than renovating.

A knockdown rebuild project not only delivers a home that matches your lifestyle and needs, but it can also be easier to manage and budget for. Every element and important decision of a knock down rebuild project begins with you – the homeowner. So you have control of your new home project from start to finish, with an expert builder who is experienced with every detail of the process.

Our motive is to give each land and each home the owner it deserves!

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